Artist Statement:

My focus is on making decorative and functional forms with matte crystalline glazes. I enjoy the fact that crystalline glazes are both challenging and rewarding. It is always a surprise when you open the kiln as no two crystalline pieces are ever the same. I prefer the characteristics of matte glazes because the surface is smooth to the touch and they are more subtle than glossy glazes. I also like the crystals on the smaller side with small variations in the background color of the piece. One source of inspiration for these glazes is from the mineral ocean jasper. It is a member of the quartz family, and it forms spheres of small crystals throughout the piece. When you cut and polish it, it can look just like a great crystalline glaze. Also, like the glaze, no two pieces are ever the same.


I throw my pieces using porcelain. They are single fired to cone 10 in an electric kiln. After reaching peak temperature, the kiln is cooled quickly to around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and held for about 2 hours. The glazes are dipped or brushed on the pieces. I also make rings and catchers for each piece because the glaze runs at high temperatures. It is important to make sure the rings fit exactly and are completely flat. I attach the ring with a mixture of kaolin. I also make sure to glaze over the seam between the piece and the ring so the glaze can flow more easily. This allows for an easier separation after the firing. I then use a diamond disc to grind the bottoms smooth.



2004 - Associate in Arts from Waubonsee Community College 

2006 - Bachelors of Science in Geography from Northern Illinois University 

Gallery Representation

Northern Clay Center  - Visit Website Here,  Sales Page Here.  

Fairs, festivals, and sales:

2005 and 2006 Yorkville promenade of the arts fine arts festival, juried event, Yorkville, IL. 

Selected Exhibitions:

"Strictly Functional Pottery National" 2016, Kevin Lehman's Pottery, Lancaster, PA.

"Holiday Exhibition" 2015, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN.

"14th Annual National Juried Cup Show" 2014, Kent State Downtown Gallery, Kent, OH.

"River 2 River" 2013, CSPS Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, IA.

"Strictly Functional Pottery National" 2013, Kevin Lehman's Pottery, Lancaster, PA.

“Pour…2012” 2012, Terra Incognito Studios, Oak Park, IL.

"Clay3" 2012, Warrenville Public Library, Warrenville, IL.

“Extended Hands: A Show of Support” 2006, at the outer gallery of Dick Lehman’s studio, Goshen, IN. 

“Lines into Shapes” 2006, Art Center of Estes Park, Estes Park, CO. 

“Made by Hand, Meant for use” 2005, ARC Exhibitions at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI. 

“Cup: the Intimate Object IV” 2005 - Charlie Cummings Clay Studios, Fort Wayne, IN. 


Clay Times, Featured Article, "Crystalline Matte Glazes", Autumn/Winter 2015.

To Read The Article: CLICK HERE

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“Best of America Pottery and Woodworking Artists & Artisans Volume 1” Kennedy Publishing, 2007. 

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